2-0 DOXIPRO™ (PDO) Violet 30" CT-2 | PD333


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  • Suture Size: 2-0 (3.0 metric)
  • Length: 30 inches (75 cm)
  • Color: Violet
  • Suture Type: Monofilament Absorbable
  • Needle Type: CT-2, Taper Point
  • Needle Length: 26 mm
  • Needle Curve: 1/2 Circle
  • Wound Support Duration: Up to 6 weeks

Key Features:

  • Extra Strong Needle: Designed for challenging veterinary surgical conditions.
  • Extended Retention Strength: Ensures reliable support during the entire critical wound healing period.
  • Non-Wicking Monofilament: Helps reduce the risk of bacterial migration, enhancing patient recovery.
  • Visibility: Violet color improves suture visibility under surgical lights.


  • Durability: Maintains high tensile strength to securely hold tissues throughout healing.
  • Exceptional Handling: Offers surgeons superb control with exceptional suppleness for easier knot tying and manipulation.
  • Infection Prevention: Smooth surface reduces the incidence of infection and trauma.
  • Compliance with Standards: Meets or surpasses USP & EP standards for veterinary surgical sutures.

SEO-Optimized Description: ProNorth Medical's 2-0 DOXIPRO™ (PDO) Violet 30" CT-2 suture, PD333, is a testament to veterinary surgical innovation, providing extended retention and high visibility to veterinary surgeons. The extra strong needle and violet monofilament are designed for optimal handling, allowing for efficient repair of lacerations or internal soft tissue wounds. Recognized for its high tensile strength and excellent knot security, DOXIPRO™ PD333 ensures reliable wound closure with a reduced risk of infection, embodying ProNorth Medical's dedication to quality in veterinary surgical care.

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