MCG-3 | Micro Cassette, Chromic Gut, Size 3, 40m


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When it comes to the finest sutures for veterinarian use, you can’t do better than the MCG-3 | Micro Cassette, Chromic Gut, Size 3, 40m. This highly absorbable suture features a smooth surface which makes it easy to knot over. They are also made of highly refined collagen, ensuring that they are strong enough to hold the tissue in place. Since they are absorbable, you need not reopen the wound to remove the sutures thus promoting better wound-healing outcomes.

ProNorth Medical Corporation is a leading supplier of top-quality medical resources such as sutures and much more. We are guided by a desire to offer top-quality medical supplies to medical professionals throughout North America and the rest of the world. You can have peace of mind that all our products are rigorously tested and approved by regulatory agencies in North America. Shopping at our online store is easy and we promise that your financial data is safe with us.

Micro Cassette, Chromic Gut, Size 3, 40m

  • Treated and packed with chromium salt mixture to strengthen sutures
  • Smooth surface ensures flawless knot rundown
  • Offers top-quality knot security.
  • Made from top-quality collagen ensuring excellent results

If you have any questions about the Micro Cassette, Chromic Gut, Size 3, 40m, feel free to contact us today.

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