3-0 VILET Violet 30" FS-1 Needle | V452


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  • Suture Size: 3-0 (2.0 Metric)
  • Suture Material: Coated (Polyglactin 910) Violet Braided
  • Suture Length: 18" (45cm)
  • Needle Type: FS-1, Reverse Cutting
  • Needle Length: 24mm
  • Wound Support: Up to 4 Weeks
  • Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide (EO)
  • Packaging: Box contains 12 individually packaged sutures, marked for Veterinary Use Only
  • Product Code: V452
  • Manufacturer: Riverpoint Medical, Portland, OR, USA

Key Features:

  • Optimal Absorption Rate: Specifically designed for rapid tissue support and absorption within 4 weeks, effectively reducing long-term tissue reaction.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The violet-colored braided suture material improves visibility during surgical procedures, aiding in precise suture placement.
  • Exceptional Tissue Compatibility: Polyglactin 910 material is used for its superior tissue compatibility, promoting faster healing with minimal inflammation.
  • Precision Cutting Needle: The FS-1 reverse cutting needle is engineered for precise penetration and cutting, minimizing tissue trauma while ensuring strong wound closure.


  • Tailored for Veterinary Procedures: Specially designed to meet the specific needs of veterinary surgeries, ensuring high-quality outcomes.
  • Promotes Quick Healing: The suture material and needle design work together to facilitate quick and effective healing, crucial for the well-being of animal patients.
  • Lower Infection Risk: The rapid absorption property of the suture material reduces the risk of infection by minimizing the duration the suture remains in the body.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of veterinary surgical applications, making it a versatile and essential tool for veterinary professionals.


The 3-0 VILET® Violet Braided Suture with FS-1 Needle (V452) is a premium suture choice for veterinary medicine, produced by Riverpoint Medical in Portland, OR. Combining the latest in suture technology with specific needs for veterinary surgery, it provides a reliable solution for effective wound closure. The Polyglactin 910 material, along with the violet color for enhanced visibility and the specialized FS-1 reverse cutting needle, makes it an indispensable asset in veterinary surgeries, ensuring the highest standards of care for animal patients.

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