• Image showing the packaging of the 6-0 VILET® Undyed Braided 18" Suture with P-3 Needle (V492), detailing suture size, material, needle type, and veterinary use indication by Riverpoint Medical
  • Close-up of the 6-0 VILET® Undyed Braided Suture with P-3 Needle (V492) in sterile packaging, emphasizing the suture's specifications and sterile status, prepared for precise veterinary surgical applications.
  • Photograph featuring the 6-0 VILET® Undyed Braided 18" P-3 Needle (V492) box next to its open sterile packaging, illustrating the product details and its readiness for use in specialized veterinary surgeries, manufactured by Riverpoint Medical.

6-0 VILET Undyed Braided 18" P3 Needle | V492

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Suture Size: 6-0 (0.7 Metric)

Suture Material: Coated Polyglactin 910, Undyed Braided

Suture Length: 18 inches (45cm)

Needle Type: P-3, Premium Reverse Cutting

Needle Length: 13mm

Wound Support: Up to 4 Weeks

Precision Wound Closure: Tailored for surgeries that require utmost accuracy, this suture provides superior control and minimal tissue trauma.

Undyed Braided Material: Enhances handling and visibility, reducing dye-related tissue reactions for a safer surgical environment.

Advanced Absorption Profile: Engineered for predictable, quick absorption, supporting optimal healing while minimizing infection risks.

Premium Reverse Cutting Needle: Offers smooth tissue penetration, ideal for microsurgical procedures, ensuring strong, reliable wound closure.

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6-0 VILET Undyed Braided 18" P3 Needle | V492


    Polyglactin 910 composition ensures reduced inflammation and optimal healing, embodying the highest standards for veterinary care.

    Features high-visibility violet braiding, making it the go-to suture for precision in the U.S. veterinary field.

    Renowned for advanced absorption that aligns perfectly with animal healing times.
  • P-3 NEEDLE

    Delivers exceptional control for fine, precise suturing in soft tissues.


    The 6-0 VILET Undyed Braided Suture with P-3 Needle (V492) exemplifies the pinnacle of surgical suture technology, tailored for veterinary medicine. Manufactured by Riverpoint Medical in Portland, OR, this suture integrates advanced Polyglactin 910 material with surgical precision needs, making it an indispensable choice for veterinarians specializing in detailed surgical procedures. Offering unmatched performance, safety, and reliability, the VILET line continues to set standards for veterinary surgical sutures in the USA, ensuring exceptional outcomes for both surgeons and animal patients.

    Surgical Excellence: VILET V492

    Optimal for Delicate Surgeries: Perfect for ophthalmic, neurological, and plastic/reconstructive procedures, emphasizing precision.

    Enhanced Patient Comfort: Ensures minimal tissue reaction and discomfort post-surgery, improving overall patient recovery experience.

    Reliable Wound Support: Provides durable tensile strength, supporting wounds through critical healing phases.

    Veterinary Specific Design: Developed specifically for the rigorous demands of veterinary surgeries, ensuring the highest quality care.