5-0 Vicryl Violet Braided 18" C-3 | J385H (3 doz)


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Vicryl refers to the synthetic sutures that were made famous by Ethicon. However, the term has been used to describe generally most sutures that are made from the same polyglycolic acid structure and are absorbable. Here at ProNorth Medical Corporation, we aim to serve the people of the United States by providing medical supply solutions for healthcare professionals and their patients at the lowest possible rates in the country. We carry Ethicon Vicryl J385H (36 pcs) sutures that are meant to be used for soft tissue approximation or ligation procedures. This especially includes ophthalmic surgeries and microsurgeries for blood vessels that are extremely small in diameter. However, it is to be noted that these sutures should not be used for cardiovascular and neurological surgeries. Its use should also be avoided for people who might not be able to heal properly or at a normal rate, or people who are malnourished. 

The Vicryl sutures are made of a copolymer that consists of mostly glycolide and lactide. They are coated with antibacterial agents which help to boost its effectiveness in promoting healing. They take anywhere from 56 to 70 days to be absorbed, but of course this can vary from person to person. 

Key Ethicon Vicryl J385H (36 pcs) Features

  • Needle point type: taper point
  • Absorption rate: 56-70 days 
  • Undyed

If you have any questions about Ethicon Vicryl J385H (36 pcs), do not hesitate to contact us today.

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