3-0 Plain Gut 27" C-7 | 553B


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If you work in the medical or healthcare industry and are looking for the best plain gut sutures, ProNorth Medical Corporation is the perfect place for you! We offer trusted medical equipment solutions at the most competitive prices in the country and at the highest quality. LOOK Plain gut sutures are generally used for soft tissue approximation and in many ophthalmic surgeries. When you purchase this product from us, you can rest assured that every strand is precision polished to an equal diameter, allowing for better and more secure knotting. 

Plain gut sutures are extremely absorbable biological materials. As compared to chromic gut sutures, they are made from purified collagen that is extracted from bovine or ovine intestines. The collagen is then precision ground and treated with glycerol so that a monofilament character can be achieved. Plain gut sutures typically have a strength retention of at least 7 days and have impressive knot-pull tensile strength that are suitable for the above procedures because of their easy-handling characteristics. 

Key LOOK Plain Gut 553B Features

  • Easy-handling features 
  • Packaged in Wetting Solution 
  • Suitable for a variety of uses (OB/Gyn, Urology, Ophthalmic)
  • Mass absorbing features

If you have any questions about the Plain Gut 553B, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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