By Trevor Horne

15 Must-Have Dentistry Instruments for Your Dental Clinic

Opening a dental clinic can be rewarding whether you just graduated from university or are a seasoned professional. It's the best opportunity to improve everyone's oral health and build a successful business. However, no clinic would be complete without the appropriate dentistry instruments. Here are the 15 essential tools your establishment must have.  

1. Dental Examination Mirrors 

These essential dentistry instruments help dentists examine the inside of a patient’s mouth. Its main functions are to provide light through reflection and keep the oral walls apart during procedures. Comprising the head, handle, and stem, it’s highly effective due to its compact size and flexibility in providing a clear view of the area needing treatment. 

2. Dental Tweezers

Dentists use a dental tweezer for separating, folding, stitching, and moving small objects in or out of the mouth. They use different types of this essential dentistry instrument depending on the specific task, like surgical, hemostatic, or ligature. 

3. Probes

Probes are instruments with fine points that dentists use in dentistry. They use periodontal probes to assess the periodontium and exploration probes to detect plaque and cavities.

4. Pliers 

Dentists use dental pliers for various procedures, particularly in orthodontics and dental labs, like cutting wires and pins and shaping hooks. You can find many variations of this dentistry instrument depending on their intended purpose, like cutting plaster or cement and featuring different tips. 

5. Handpieces 

Dental handpieces use a micromotor to rotate dental burs. They have a head for the drill, a body attached to equipment, and may have external irrigation and light-emitting diode (LED) lights. The burs used with handpieces have a special connection and aren’t compatible with turbine or contra-angle burs.

6. Turbines 

A dental turbine is a rapidly-spinning tool due to the force of compressed air passing through a hose and a coupling. It’s the fastest but least potent of all rotating tools, and dentists use this instrument for tasks that require them to remove durable substances like tooth enamel or prosthetics. 

7. Micromotors 

Micromotors are dentistry instruments that treat partially hard dental tissues. They function quickly, and dentists link them to handpieces, contra-angles, and hose pieces to make tooth treatment more manageable.

8. Dental Contra-Angles

Dental professionals use contra-angles for endodontic treatments and prevention. They remove dentin, polish teeth, and prepare cavities and crowns. They’re also available in different types and colours, with varying speeds and torque, for effective results. 

9. Apex Locator 

These dentistry instruments help dentists locate the root canal’s working length during endodontic procedures. An apex locator measures impedance, frequency, and resistance, and many suppliers offer complete or individual kits for purchase. 

10. Dental Light-Curing Lamps

Dentists use these specialized lamps to harden dental materials quickly. They activate these materials with a high-intensity light source and commonly use them in dental restoration procedures to fill cavities effectively.

11. X-Rays

These devices generate images of the body’s interior to diagnose and treat diseases. Dentists can use X-rays intraorally or extra orally, and they need materials like phosphor plates or Developers to get a good picture. 

12. Cabinet Lamps 

Cabinet lamps are essential to providing dentists with comfortable and accurate work. They have an articulated arm and head that reflects halogen or LED light, reducing eye strain and helping professionals see colours realistically. They can mount these lamps on the floor or wall. 

13. Autoclaves 

These containers use high-pressure steam to sterilize dental equipment by killing microorganisms and spores. You can find different types of autoclaves for your dental clinic at your local supplier. 

14. Dental Clinic Stools 

Choosing suitable dental clinic stools is crucial for ergonomics and the dentist’s comfort. You can find various types based on your requirements, including armrests and specific use in operating rooms.

15. Dental Chairs with Dental Units

You can buy dental chairs as just the chair or as a whole unit with handpiece equipment and other primary elements.

Assembling an Effective Dental Clinic

Becoming a dentist is rewarding, but you can’t become one without the proper dentistry instruments. You can help your community smile better by buying from reputable suppliers.

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