$5,700.00 $6,100.00

The Clave23+ Chamber Autoclave is a Class N Steam Sterilizer that utilizes the most state-of-the-art technology in steam pulsing sterilization. The Clave23+ uses a pressure displacement technology that allows a more complete removal of air inside the chamber before the sterilization cycle begins . In addition, with the steam injection pressure pulsing technology it reduces maintenance, improves sterilization effectiveness and increases speed of the sterilization process.


  • Class N Steam Sterilizer with air assisted Drying Technology.
  • Ultra-fast Closed door drying with air assisted drying.
  • 5 Programmed Sterilizations Cycles: Solid/Unwrapped, Wrapped, Liquid, Textile, Prions.
  • Solid Steel Construction.
  • Steam Injected Pressure Pulsing Sterilizer.
  • Independent Steam Generator for positive pressure displacement.
  • Easy to repair – Quality Parts Made in Europe.
  • Optional Printer.
  • USB Port for Recording Cycles.
  • Double Door Protection System – Prevents door from opening during Cycles.
  • Pressure Safety valve.


  • Fast Sterilization Cycles Unwrapped: 4min, Wrapped: 10 min, Rubber/Textiles: 10min.
  • Larger Chamber compared to Statim with Similar Sterilization Time.
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty.