Surgistar Micro | Surgical Blade 25º #6962


The Surgistar 6962 Microblade is designed to help dentists perform small and precise cuts during dental surgeries. This blade features a double bevel which makes it easier to use in areas of the body where there is limited space. This is because the double-beveled blade does not need to be flipped (like in the case of a single bevel) in order to cut in the reverse direction. The Surgistar 6962 Microblade comes in individually packed blades. This means that when you use one, you do not need to sterilize the rest of the blades as they stay in their sealed package. They also come pre-sterilized which makes it even more convenient for you to use them.

The Surgistar 6962 Microblade is one of the top-notch products that are sold by ProNorth Medical Corporation. Our mission is to provide healthcare workers all over North America with effective and affordable medical equipment. We take pride in the fact that all our products are approved by health regulators in Canada and the United States.

Key Surgistar 6962 Microblade Features

  • The Surgistar 6962 Microblade features Full Radius and Side Blades 
  • Double Bevel for easier operation
  •  Angled 25° to enable use in hard-to-reach areas
  •  Packaged individually to reduce contamination
  •  Pre-sterilized for greater convenience

If you have any questions about the Surgistar 6962 Microblade, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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