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Surgical Lights

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Are you in the search for surgical lights that are high quality and provide adequate lighting? If so, ProNorth Medical is the ideal supplier for you. With many years of supplying surgical instruments and equipment to medical professionals under our belt, we understand just how important it is for medical professionals to have appropriate lighting in a surgical room when an operation is undergoing. Performing surgery under halogen or incandescent lights that are hot and glaring can have detrimental effects on a surgeon’s performance and patient outcomes. On the other hand, our LED surgical lights can create a more comfortable surgical environment as they boast high color accuracy and cooler lighting. In addition, our LED surgical lights are environmentally friendly and affordable. No matter the size of your surgical center, clinic, or office, our surgical lights can be used to meet your needs.

Key Surgical Light Features

  • Deliver optimal sharpness and brightness
  • High color accuracy to improve precision during surgical procedures
  • Unsurpassed brilliance
  • Low heat emission
  • Long arms with smooth movement for easier and better reach
  • Outstanding shadow control
  • Adjustable lighting

If you have any questions about our Surgical Lights, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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