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✪ 4-0 PolySyn FA 18" P-3 | M494N


Synthetic absorbable sutures don't come better than the 4-0 PolySyn FA 18" P-3 | M494N. This tough yet easy to work with suture is coated with polyglycolic acid, a compound that slows down the absorption of the sutures by the body. This keeps the wound closed for a longer period and makes the healing process quicker. The sutures also come pre-sterilized and securely packed meaning you can unpack and use them immediately. 

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Sharpoint 4-0 PolySyn FA 18" P-3 | M494N

  • Braiding on the sutures increases their strength and ensures that they are unlikely to break
  • Wound healing is uninterrupted as the sutures are eventually absorbed into the body
  • Reverse cutting feature reduces the risk of accidental tissue injury
  • Comes in a box of 12 giving value for money

If you have any questions about the Sharpoint 4-0 PolySyn FA 18" P-3 | M494N, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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