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✪ Rayban Wayfarer (Black)


If you are looking for top-quality Rayban Wayfarer (Black) loupes, come to ProNorth Medical Corporation. Our Rayban Wayfarer (Black) is made of lightweight materials which makes them easy to use for prolonged periods of time. The strong and durable frame means that you never have to worry about replacing your frames every now and then. Even better is the fact that we can customize your lenses to suit your needs.

Purchasing your medical products from ProNorth Medical Corporation has never been easier. We are a leading medical supplies company with a wide range of products. One of the advantages of buying medical supplies from us is that we make your financial paperwork easier. This is because you can purchase the bulk of your medical supplies from a single supplier, which means that you only have one invoice to process. The fact that we ship throughout North America means that you get your order in time.

Key Rayban Wayfarer (Black) Features

  • Comes in an attractive black hue   
  • Prescription options can be availed
  • Lenses can be customized whichever way works for you
  • Strong lightweight frames for easier use

If you have any questions about the Rayban Wayfarer (Black) products, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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