Twead Plier


Are you in the market for premium-grade dental instruments? ProNorth Medical Corporation offers a wide array of high-quality medical products that support high orthodontics performance. ProNorth Medical Corporation’s Tweed Plier is made in Germany from durable stainless steel that offers prolonged durability with a high resistance against water and stain. The Tweed Plier is an instrument that is essential to bend metal wire or strips employed in orthodontic work. This instrument is also known as a rectangular arch bending plier which is used to bend and torque rectangular or square wire to form 90° and offset bends. The Tweed Plier has a set of parallel blades which help prevent the user from crushing the wires.

At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we focus on delivering top-notch dental instruments that provide safety and ease of usage. Our range of medical products is comprised of solutions that are practical and functional for full efficacy at different environments. The Tweed Plier comes in handy with its grooved beak that is internally smoothed. It is able to withstand multiple autoclave cycles without degrading, thus offering optimum user comfort for a variety of applications. ProNorth Medical Corporation sources for the medical instruments found in our catalog from trustworthy manufacturers who promise quality and affordability. This enables us to help you secure medical instruments of an incomparable quality at highly affordable prices.

Key Tweed Plier Features

  • 100% German Stainless Steel
  • Precision Workmanship
  • Designed for user comfort
  • Polished Finish, Smooth Operation
  • Anti-Corrosion/Breakage Guarantee

If you have any questions about the Tweed Plier, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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