Adams Plier


If you are looking to get reliable and affordable dental instruments to adjust your orthodontic appliances, ProNorth Medical Corporation is the right place for you. Our Adams Plier are made out of German Stainless Steel for the best quality and performance. It can do a wide variety of wire handling and bending, and also the handling of extra-oral appliances This enables dental professionals to do opening and closing movements extremely easy.

With ProNorth Medical-manufactured Adams Plier, you can rest assure that you will receive only the highest quality of dental care. Our owner and CEO Robert Horne has over 30+ years of healthcare experience under his belt in the medical sales and distribution industry. He is committed to helping healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes and enjoy lower medical cost. All of our PPE products are tested and validated in Canada to ensure that they meet the standards required by Healthcare workers in North America.

Key Adams Plier Features

  • Precisely manufactured working ends
  • Made of German Stainless Steel
  • Easy to use
  • Gold-plated working ends for increase wear and corrosion resistance
  • Attractive silver color 

If you have any questions about the Adams Plier, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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