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At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we offer four different sizes of the ProNorth PRF Spatula Pad 3147. Ergonomically designed to enhance grip, these PRF pads are designed for veterinarian use as well as dental use. PRF refers to Platelet Rich Fibrin and this is a platelet material that is made by a dentist from the blood of the patient during dental surgery. The PRF concentrate naturally helps to speed up healing of the affected area by concentrating white blood cells on the wound. A PRF spatula pad is a surgical instrument that is designed to help the surgeon place PRF membranes more effectively on the wound for better healing.

The ProNorth PRF Spatula Pad 3147 instrument set is made of stainless steel and is resistant to corrosion or rust. Like all products from ProNorth Medical Corporation, the ProNorth PRF Spatula Pad 3147 instrument set is extensively tested to ensure maximum reliability. 

Key ProNorth PRF Spatula Pad 3147  Features

  • Made of top-quality French steel
  • PRF instrument set comes with a cassette
  • Set features PRF spatula of different sizes
  • Durable and can be easily sterilized 

If you have any questions about the ProNorth PRF Spatula Pad 3147, do not hesitate to contact us today.