The world’s only 95PFE reusable medical respirator with no exhalation valve

  • Comfort - Elastomeric face seal, lightweight, 2 sizes
  • Safety -The ONLY Health Canada approved class 1 N95 respirator
  • Environmentally friendly- Made of 100% recyclable materials, eliminates waste and cost of waste removal
  • Acoustics - Large custom filters. Best in-class audio intelligibility. Clearly able to hear the end-user communicate
  • Cost effective - Compared to disposable N95 masks
  • Easy to clean Easy to clean, designed and engineered for easy wipeable cleaning methods
  • Made in Canada -Proudly made in Canada  by PADM Medical
A recent study showed that after one month of using reusable masks, 0 out of 2000 healthcare providers chose to return to using disposable N95 masks!