Periosteal Elevators – buy all 5 for $249.00


Periosteal elevators are instruments that are used to lift soft tissue flaps (full length) during surgery. The instruments are used in both dental as well as veterinarian procedures. This is done in order to allow the surgeon to have a clear view of the area that he or she is operating. The most commonly used periosteal elevator instrument is the Molt 9 which is distinguishable by its double-ended design. Like many medical instruments, the ProNorth 5Pack (Molt 9, NRGB, EX9, MEAD, MINI) instruments are made from high-quality stainless steel. Our instruments are also extensively tested to ensure that they are precise and durable. 

ProNorth Medical Corporation is a leading supplier of top-notch medical instruments to healthcare professionals throughout North America. We ensure that our products are checked and approved by Canadian regulatory agencies for your peace of mind. Getting the ProNorth 5Pack (Molt 9, NRGB, EX9, MEAD, MINI) set is easy. Simply place your order on our secure online shop and we will have it delivered to you in no time.

Key ProNorth 5Pack (Molt 9, NRGB, EX9, MEAD, MINI) Features

  • Comes in a set of 5 for added value
  • Ergonomic design enhances grip during surgical procedures
  • Stainless steel for greater durability 

If you have any questions about the ProNorth 5Pack (Molt 9, NRGB, EX9, MEAD, MINI), do not hesitate to contact us today.

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