Periosteal Elevator # 1605 (Mead)


The ProNorth 5Pack (PN 1605 MEAD) is a type of periosteal elevator that is meant to lift soft tissue flaps during dental procedures. The instrument can also be used for veterinarian procedures and for the same purpose. The ProNorth 5Pack (PN 1605 MEAD) instruments work by detaching or elevating the connective tissue around the bone (also known as the periosteum) through a pushing action. The ProNorth 5Pack (PN 1605 MEAD) instruments are made of long-lasting stainless steel which makes them easy to sterilize. The medical-grade stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion or rust.

ProNorth Medical Corporation is your trusted source of top-quality medical instruments. For the last ten years, we have supplied healthcare professionals in North America with many different types of medical instruments.  Our goal is to help healthcare professionals improve the health outcomes of their patients through the use of our medical equipment.

Key ProNorth 5Pack (PN 1605 MEAD) Features

  • Enhanced grip thanks to ergonomic design
  • Extensively tested for maximum reliability
  • Can easily and effectively be sterilized
  • Light body makes it convenient to handle

You have any questions about the ProNorth 5Pack (PN 1605 MEAD), do not hesitate to contact us today.

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