Low Speed polisher


Are you still searching for affordable, high-quality veterinary dentistry instruments? At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we apply our decades of industry experience to source from trusted suppliers who promise to deliver exceptional products at attractive prices. We understand how important it is for medical practitioners to gain access to premium-grade medical equipment and accessories without having to break the bank. ProNorth Medical Corporation makes it a point to secure quality instruments that meet your exact needs to help create a healthcare setting that offers improved patient experience.

Tooth polishing is a dental procedure that is painless which may even be enjoyed by a certain percentage of patients. The veterinary dentist uses a low speed polisher along with a small rubber cup and polishing paste. For patients with much severe stains, an air-polishing system may be required which makes use of pressurized air and an abrasive agent. A low speed polisher is a tapered polisher that is designed for dental low speed polishing. It is a practical an essential tool that specifically caters to veterinary dental polishing.

Key Features of Low Speed Polisher

  • Comes with LED
  • Has a swivel mechanism
  • Fiber optic handpiece
  • Replaceable LED cartridge optional

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