Level 3 Isolation Gown *Reinforced Seams* (100 pack)

$759.00 $469.00

If you are looking to get reliable and affordable isolation gowns, this is the place to purchase them. At ProNorth Medical Corporation, our Isolation Gown Level III enable medical professionals to protect themselves in healthcare settings. The Isolation Gown Level III is used when there is moderate risk during procedures. These include during arterial blood draw or inserting an IV line for the patient in the emergency room or for trauma cases. 

Isolation gowns are used to protect the professionals from spread of illness or infection if the wearer comes across any infectious solid or liquid substances. They help to prevent the spread of microorganisms which may harm the patients with weakened immune systems. With years of healthcare experience under our belt, we understand that innovative and top-quality dental instruments are essential criteria for dentists.

ProNorth Medical-manufactured isolation gowns combine ease of use with the protective aspects of the product. This product is available in a blue color. Our products are well-known for their ability to improve patient outcomes. Thanks to the protective capabilities of the isolation gowns, dentists will enjoy greater safety and ease of use during procedures.

Key Isolation Gown Level III Features

  • Standard isolation gown 
  • For moderate risk 
  • Available in blue color
  • Easy to use

If you have any questions about the Isolation Gown Level III, feel free to contact us today.

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