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✪ LED Curing Light

$399.00 $199.00

Are you on the lookout for good quality dental instruments? ProNorth Medical Corporation can help you with that. We supply a large range of medical items at competitive and affordable prices, including dental products, medical or PPE products and veterinary products. LED Curing Lights are one of the most important tools in a dental office used to polymerize resin-based materials. For dental specialists looking to purchased LED curing lights for their clinics, ProNorth Medical supplies top grade LED curing lights which are able to make the jobs of dentists easier and more convenient.

Here at ProNorth Medical, we bring in top quality products and sell them to our clients at competitive and affordable prices. Our medical supplies are functional and have all been tested at reputable testing centers, so clients can be assured of the quality of our products. Our goal is to help healthcare professionals enhance patient outcomes, while at the same time, lowering their cost. As LED curing lights are one of the most important tools in the dental clinic, it is crucial for dentists to invest in a good LED curing light.

Key LED Curing Light Features

  • Able to operate easily with minimal noise
  • Long lifespan, power intensity does not deteriorate
  • Able to be operated with batteries
  • Low heat generation
  • Broad emission spectrum
  • High irradiance
  • Easy to maintain

If you have any questions about the LED Curing Light, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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