Laschal Needle holder, Thumblok, Curved


Like all Laschal instruments, the Laschal FNHC needle holder is designed for precision work. It features an advanced locking system that uses Laschal’s proprietary technology known as Thumlock ™. This locking system ensures that the needle holder does not snag or fail to lock properly. It also ensures that the instrument does not loosen despite constant use over the years. All Laschal instruments are proudly made in the United States and adhere to the highest possible standards. They are also made of a special stainless steel that is lighter than titanium and stronger than regular stainless steel. Known as Sonic Steel ™, this modem material ensures that your Laschal FNHC needle holder is durable and does not rust.

At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we work hard to get you affordable and high-quality medical equipment. We have been in business for ten years and we understand the needs of the North American healthcare market. 

Key Laschal FNHC Features

  • Advanced locking mechanism for easy use
  • Built with a special material that is easy to sterilize
  • Can handle all sizes of needles for increased flexibility
  • Designed to ensure no snagging or damage to the suture
  • Easy purchase process with fast shipping

If you have any questions about the Laschal FNHC needle holder, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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