Laschal Micro Surgery Scissor (Soft touch- blunt tips)

$360.00 $300.00

Icon Features:

  1. Precision Cutting: "Designed for accuracy; effortlessly cuts sutures while sparing surrounding tissues."

  2. Gentle on Tissues: "Blunt-blunt tips navigate closely around tissues, ensuring a trauma-free experience."

  3. Lightweight Design: "Ease of use redefined; a mere 12 grams for unmatched handling and control."

  4. Durable Construction: "Crafted from high-grade materials for long-lasting reliability in clinical settings."

The Laschal N-4CXF Precision Suture Cutter is an innovative tool designed for the meticulous removal of sutures without causing harm to the surrounding tissues. With its unique blunt-blunt tip design and ultra-lightweight construction, it offers unparalleled precision and comfort. This 13.5cm suture cutter, weighing only 12 grams, is specifically crafted to push aside irritated tissues gently, revealing buried sutures for easy removal. Ideal for a variety of medical settings, its high-grade stainless steel composition guarantees both durability and reliability, making it an essential component of any surgical toolkit.

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