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5-0 Ethilon Nylon 18" P-3 | P698


Consider the Ethilon sutures P698 if you require better tools for surgery. ProNorth Medical Corporation carries Ethilon sutures P698, which are approved for use in ligation and general soft tissue approximation, including uses in neurological, ophthalmic, and cardiovascular procedures. As such, the suture comes in hand y in nearly every situation and is a useful addition to the stock for any serious medical practitioner. In all our years, proudly serving the medical professionals of North America, many medical practitioners trust us in providing them with the best supplies for surgeries.

Ethilon Sutures P698 are unabsorbable, sterile surgical monofilament sutures comprising of long-chain aliphatic polymers Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6. Despite these sutures often seeing a gradual loss in tensile strength over time, which is by design, these sutures can improve patient outcomes, as well as potentially ease the procedure of surgery.

Key Ethilon Surgical Seam P698 Features

  • High Quality non-absorbable, sterile, Nylon Monofilament
  • Measures 18in. or 45cm in length 
  • Has a size of 5-0 or 1.0 metric
  • Comes with a P-3 13mm 3/8c reverse cutting needle
  • Has a dozen sutures in one box

If you have any questions about the Ethilon Surgical Suture P698, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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