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ON BACKORDER GLOBALLY ✪ 5-0 Vicryl Rapide Undyed Braided 18" P-3 | VR493


If you are in the search for affordable and effective sutures that are suitable for closing wounds after surgery, you have come to the right place. ProHealth Medical Corporation carries the Ethicon Vicryl VR493. They are only indicated for use in situations where short-term wound support is needed for superficial soft tissue approximation of the mucosa and skin. After many years of supplying high quality surgical sutures to medical professionals, we understand just how crucial it is for surgeons to use reliable sutures that can result in remarkable patient outcomes.

Vicryl VR493 is a synthetic absorbable sterile surgical suture made of a copolymer that is 10% L-lactide and 90% glycolide. Modeled after the performance characteristics of surgical gut sutures, Vicryl VR493 is designed with both the surgeon and patient in mind. Using these sutures increases positive patient outcomes and eases the difficult process of surgeries.

Key Vicryl VR493 (36 pcs) Features

  • Synthetic absorbable sterile surgical sutures
  • Measures 18in. or 45cm in length 
  • For wound closure
  • Undyed and braided
  • Suture size 5-0
  • P-3 needle, 13mm
  • Made of polyglactin 910
  • Has 3 dozen sutures in one box

If you have any questions about the Vicryl VR493 (36 pcs), do not hesitate to contact us today.

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