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5-0 PolySyn 18" P-3 | G463N


If you have been on the lookout for a synthetic absorbable suture that is 5-0 grade, then look no further from the Polysyn G463N. Boasting a structure of polyglycolic acid, the tensile strength of the suture is increased and would hence require a longer time to be fully broken down. It is estimated for mass absorption to be complete between 49 and 63 days, hence it is suitable for wounds or stitches that heal in a similar time frame.

The Polysyn G463N has an 18" needle refined for reverse cutting. Every pack of the Polysyn G463N contains a dozen sutures. Here at ProNorth Medical Corporation, we offer customers a wide range of different sutures, so you are sure to find whatever you need. Come shop with us today!

Key Polysyn G463N Features

  • 5-0 Grade (1.0 metric)
  • 18" (45 cm) Needle
  • Comes in a dozen per pack
  • 13mm 3/8c Fine Reverse Cutting
  • Violet Braided Coated Polyglycolic Acid
  • Sterile
  • Synthetic Absorbable
  • Retains approximately 48% of tensile strength on 7th day
  • Retains approximately 0% of tensile strength on 14th day
  • Absorption essentially completes between 49 and 63 days

Should you require more information or have any questions about the Polysyn G463N, feel reach to reach out to us today!

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