✪ 3-0 Silk Black Braided 18" C-26 | 778B


If you are looking to get reliable and affordable dental sutures, you have come to the right place. At ProNorth Medical Corporation, our Silk 778B sutures enable medical professionals to close up the incisions made during surgery. Whether you are planning to use the denture sutures to repair cuts or wounds, it is highly effective when it comes to sewing two edges together. It is commonly used for general & skin closure, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery and ophthalmology. With years of healthcare experience under our belt, we understand that innovative and top-quality dental instruments are essential criteria for dentists.

ProNorth Medical-manufactured dental sutures combine ease of use with strength of material. The Noncapillary Silk has excellent tying and handling characteristics. The latest braiding technique allows for a greater tensile strength and a uniform smooth surface. This product is available in black and white. Our functional products are well-known for their ability to improve patient outcomes. Thanks to the excellent handling and tying characteristics, dentists will enjoy ease of use and smoother handling during procedures. 

Key Silk 778B Features

  • LOOK™ Silk
  • 3-0 USP
  • 18"/45cm
  • C26 Reverse Cutting
  • 1/2 Circle R. C 15mm
  • Available in black and white
  • Easy to use

If you have any questions about the Silk 778B, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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