Complete Centrifuge Starter Package


In recent years, Injectable Platelet-Rich Fibrin (I-PRF) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatments have exploded in dentistry. While patients aren’t generally enthusiastic about having blood drawn, they’re often more than willing when they know that moment of discomfort will help promote and accelerate wound healing, regulate inflammation, and improve tissue regeneration.

ProNorth Medical is pleased to offer you what we believe is the most powerful blood centrifuge in its class – at an attractive price, with added savings this month. As well as an optional payment plan. Choose the centrifuge alone or, to make it easier to get underway, a Starter Set containing the centrifuge and all accessories needed to complete your first 50-100 cases.

An abundance of useful features adds up to a superior overall value.

This exceptionally feature-rich centrifuge accepts up to 8 conical or glass tubes (with or without screw caps) sized from 10-15ml. Speed can run between l00 and 5000 RPM. The LCD display gives you the ability to change between RPM and RCF.

A convenient “Spin” button may be used for quick spins. Automatic release of the lid when operation has stopped saves processing time. Operation time can range from 10 seconds to 99 minutes (a bell that signals completion). A safety lid-lock prevents opening of the centrifuge lid until the rotor has stopped spinning. With three automatic programs available, simply choose a program and start.

Included in Centrifuge Set

Blood Centrifuge

Box and instruments kit

100 Red and 100 yellow blood collection tubes

50 Butterfly needles sets

tourniquets, band-Aids  & alcohol pads


This blood centrifuge is the most powerful and competitive
centrifuge in its class. Holds up to  8 size 10 to 15ml plastic tubes or glass tubes. The speed can vary between l00- 5000RPM. 3 Automatic programs, just choose program and start: PRF Membranes & Plugs, PRF Liquid and PRP. Manual program also available. 



  • Safety Butterfly needle set for Blood Collection/Infusion. Box with 50 units. Needle is 21G x 3/4" tubing length 7 1/2" (19 cm), single-packed, sterile, not made with natural rubber latex). The needles will have the tube holder attached to the end for safety. 

    Safety Butterfly needles set box of 50 units in single pack

    Needle Protection: Activated as the Needle is Removed from Vein

    Butterfly Needle with Blood collection set is FDA cleared with 510k.

    • Sterilized with ethylene oxide 
    • Nontoxic & nonpyrogenic 
    • For single use only 



    • Cassette for processing Autologous growth factors concentrates and to obtain membranes, plugs and PRF exudate for hydration of bone grafts and membranes.
    • Stainless steel instruments. For high quality membranes and constant thickness.

    To recover the exudate and use it for hydration of bio-materials and to preserve the membranes, plugs and exudate during surgery for up to 4 hours.

    Kit Contains:

    1)     1-  PRF Box - For Membranes, plugs and exudate preparation box

    2)     1- Mini PRF Bowl

    3)     1- Metal Plug Insert for PRF Box

    4)     3- Plastic PRF Inserts

    5)     1- Bone spoon / plugger

    6)     1- Bone Compactor Medium

    7)     1- Bone Compactor Small

    8)     1- PRF pad / Carrier

    9)     1- Double spoon

    10)  1- PRF tweezers

    11)  1- PRF Scissors

    12)  1- Large curved forceps- Giraffe Plier 

    13)  1- PRF Mini tray

    14)  1- PRF Bowl

    15)  1- Tube Holder

    16)  PRF Sterilization Cassette


    17) Weighted Plate (top)

    18) PRF Box perforated Lid


    Registered with the FDA.

    Red cap. No additives - Plain vacuum glass tubes without any chemical coating inside.

    The natural glass surface  of the tube makes it ideal for a perfect fibrin clot blood separation without the need for artificial dangerous micro-silica coat or chemical additives that would have to be used if the tubes are plastic, in order to obtain the fibrin clot to manufacture  membranes and plugs.

    BCTSP tubes are Plain - non additives, non silicone dioxide, non micro-silica, non animal thrombin coating inside the tubes.

    Box of 100 tubes - 50 packs of 2 tubes each - Blood collection tubes S-pack is made of a medical grade container for single use and to keep the tubes free of air contaminants. Cover has a traceability label.


    New tubes with intended use for blood collection and separation - 10 ml. - Yellow cap. Less centrifuge time needed for separation, no additives, made of 100% medical grade tubes with vacuum. Box of 100 tubes - 50 single patients use packs of 2 tubes. Blood collection tubes sterile-pack is made of medical grade container for single use and to keep the tubes free of air contaminants, eliminating the pyrogenic risks of standard blood collection tubes. Cover has a traceability label.

    The package has the advantages of easy operation, low cost and the capacity to maintain all standard blood collection tubes sterile inside and outside of the tubes, to be used in lab premises to avoid cross contamination. Our PET Tubes are plain lab tubes in an sterile package and are used off label in operating rooms, hospitals and all cases where full sterilization is mandatory and when the blood collected is going to be processed and used back into the patient’s body, like in the process of plasma in PRF and PRP (off label use). 

    New & exclusive package is made of medical grade thermoformed synthetic resin tray and sealed Tyvek cover with an easy peel feature to facilitate drop into any sterile field. Designed and made to pass validation tests for package integrity, seal and sterility and to conform with CE, ISO protocols. 

    BCT tubes are Plain yellow cap- non additives, non silicone dioxide, non micro-silica, non thrombin coating inside the tubes.


     5.) Tourniquet Disposable Latex Free (Vacutainer) Stretch x 25

    Concerned about latex sensitivity? The BD Vacutainer Stretch Latex-Free

    Tourniquet is ideal for practitioners and facilities that want to eliminate latex from

    their healthcare products. This latex-free tourniquet will not cause a latex-induced

    allergic reaction in latex-sensitive patients or employees. Convenient packaging

    allows for easy, one-at-a-time dispensing of tourniquets—encouraging a single-use

    policy that helps reduce the danger of cross-contamination between patients

    and healthcare workers.

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