• Clave 16+ Steam Sterilizer Sterilizer ProNorth Medical Corporation
  • Clave 16+ Steam Sterilizer Sterilizer ProNorth Medical Corporation

Clave 16+ Steam Sterilizer with Drying Compressor

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  • Sterilization Cycles: Includes five different cycles for prions, textiles, liquids, wrapped, and unwrapped/solid items, accommodating a variety of sterilization needs.
  • Drying Time: Offers fast 30-minute drying, improving turnaround times for busy medical practices.
  • Material: Constructed from solid steel with high-quality European components, ensuring longevity and robust performance.
  • Warranty: Provides a 2-year parts warranty, ensuring peace of mind and reliability.

Enhanced Drying Technology: Air-assisted technology ensures efficient closed-door drying, enhancing the sterilization process.

Comprehensive Cycle Options: Five programmed sterilization cycles adapt to different materials and requirements, enhancing flexibility.

Independent Steam Generation: Ensures positive pressure displacement for more effective sterilization.

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Clave 16+ Steam Sterilizer with Drying Compressor


    Equipped with a USB port for cycle recording and optional printer, facilitating easy documentation and maintenance.

    Includes double door protection and air-assisted closed-door drying, providing additional security and efficiency during cycles.

    Perfect for medical, dental, veterinary, tattoo, and beauty sectors, offering comprehensive sterilization solutions.

    Utilizes pressure displacement and steam pulsing for thorough, efficient sterilization, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of instruments.


     The Flight Clave 16+ Steam Sterilizer is designed to meet the demanding needs of modern medical facilities, providing a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly sterilization solution. With its advanced technology, including pressure pulsing steam sterilization and air-assisted drying, the Clave 16+ ensures that medical instruments are sterilized thoroughly and ready for safe use. Its robust construction and safety features, combined with a variety of sterilization cycles, make it an ideal choice for any medical, dental, or veterinary practice looking to upgrade their sterilization processes. Elevate your practice’s safety and efficiency standards with the Flight Clave 16+ Steam Sterilizer, a staple of modern medical equipment.

    Enhance Your Practice's Sterilization Standards with the Flight Clave 16+

    • Efficient Sterilization Process: Speeds up and enhances the effectiveness of sterilization, ideal for high-demand medical environments.
    • Safety and Convenience: Double door protection and quick drying increase operational safety and efficiency.
    • Quality and Durability: High-quality construction with easy repair options offers long-term reliability and sustainability.