Extracting Forcep - Angled


ProNorth Medical Corporation understands the predicament faced by healthcare facilities today. The issue lies with the procurement of high-quality medical supplies at reasonable prices which may be a tough feat to tackle. With the decades of experience our team has attained, ProNorth Medical Corporation makes it possible for medical organizations to secure top-rated medical products at competitive prices. We only source for healthcare supplies from reliable manufacturers to ensure our clients gain access to medical instruments and accessories that meet high industry standards. With our support, healthcare facilities can look forward to offering top-notch patient experience to their patients from the different medical branches.

The Extraction Forcep – Pedo Angled is a hinged instrument that is used in the removal of teeth found in the Posterior area. It offers a firm palm grip for optimum support and the tool is spring loaded for ease of usage. The Extraction Forcep - Pedo Angled is made from French-made stainless steel to offer prolonged durability for long-lasting use.

Key Features of Extraction Forcep - Pedo Angled

  • Palm grip
  • Spring loaded
  • Designed for extraction of teeth in the Posterior area
  • Manufactured from French stainless steel

If you have any questions about the Extraction Forcep - Pedo Angled, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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