Spongostan Dental Cubes

$79.09 $71.00


Key ProNorth Spongostan Dental Cubes MS0005 Features

  • Each dental cube can absorb 45 times its own weight
  • Packed in individual blister packs to reduce contamination
  • Manufactured using sterilized gelatin foam
  • Highly absorbable by body tissue

If you have any questions about the ProNorth Spongostan Dental Cubes MS0005 products, do not hesitate to contact us today.

ProNorth Spongostan Dental Cubes MS0005 are manufactured from top-notch collagen material. This ensures that these dental cubes are able to absorb more than 45 times their own weight. The ProNorth Spongostan Dental Cubes MS0005 are also able to adhere to the bleeding site easily during dental or medical procedures, making them easy and convenient to use. Each of the ProNorth Spongostan Dental Cubes MS0005 is individually packed in a sterile blister pack designed for single-use only. The dental cubes are placed on oral cavities to stop bleeding when other methods of controlling hemorrhage are either not practical or are ineffective.

At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we are focused on giving health care professionals effective medical supplies to help lower costs of treatment as well as improve their patient’s medical outcomes. Our products are based on years of research and are highly effective. They are also approved by health authorities in Canada for use throughout North America. 

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