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✪ 5-0 Vicryl Plus Undyed Braided 18" P-3 | VCP493G


If you are looking for the best coated Vicryl Plus sutures, we offer a wide range of such products here at ProNorth Medical Corporation. We carry Ethicon Vicryl Plus VCP493G sutures that are suitable for a plethora of different medical applications. These sutures are made from Vicryl, which is a synthetic suture material. It is coated with antibacterial agents that help to ensure the sterility of the surgical site and prevent infection in the patient. However, when using such sutures, it is important to note that they might act transiently as a foreign body. As such, healthcare professionals who choose to use it should avoid using them on patients who might have delayed healing capabilities and those who might be debilitated or malnourished. 

These sutures are absorbable and take about 56 to 70 days to be fully absorbed into the body. Since it is made from materials that are absorbable, surgeons who use them should consider using supplemental nonabsorbable sutures for surgical sites that have a risk of expanding or distending. The Ethicon Vicryl Plus VCP493G sutures are suitable for ophthalmic procedures and dental surgeries in particular. 

Key Ethicon Vicryl Plus VCP493G Features

  • Absorption rate: 56-70 days 
  • Anti-bacteria 
  • Great knot security 
  • Needle point type: cutting edge prime reverse

If you have any questions about Ethicon Vicryl Plus VCP493G, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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