Free your hands – and staff – with the Surgical Assist Mechanical Arm.

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Suitable for laparoscopy, sinusoscopy, nephroscopy, ureteroscopy, cystoscopy, and laryngoscopy – as well as laser and electrosurgery mirror applications – the versatile Surgical Assist Mechanical Arm frees your hands and frees you of the need for a first assistant when performing these procedures.

The Surgical Assist Mechanical Arm gives you the advantage of three zeros: zero pneumatic dependence, zero energy consumption, and zero noise. Assembly and disassembly are easy. Positioning is precise. Plus, it’s durable and safe. Indeed, it stops in seconds without rebounding or drifting. What’s more, it’s compatible with a full variety of mirrors.

Here are other advantages of this high-ROI tool:
  • With six joints and 360-degree activity, the Surgical Assist Mechanical Arm is suitable for all closed and open procedures where video endoscopy is required.
  • It can be connected to the side rails of operating beds.
  • You get the ease of “one-key” start and stop, 
  • Its standard fixation mechanisms are safe and firm after locking. To meet all endoscopic surgery requirements, they’re compatible with most surgical endoscopes.
  • You control the entire system with one hand. Lock and release the six joints simultaneously. And each joint provides a 360-degree range of motion.
  • The body is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, making it easy to carry, move and adjust.
  • You get pure mechanical design without any pressurized gas.
  • After locking, it can bear an external force of more than 3kg in the transverse direction.
  • The lightweight and portable design of only 2kg enables surgeons to complete operations more easily, improve operation efficiency, and save operation time.
  • The front-end accessories can be repeatedly disinfected and used.
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